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Marketing, Privacy, and Social Media with Morgan Miles | Photo Fuel Episode 7

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This episode features a must-listen conversation for every family photographer. Morgan Miles is my guest and not only is she an incredibly talented family photographer, she is a full time marketing professor and studies consumer psychology at San Diego State University where she’s been teaching for over a decade.

She has incredible insight into the growing trends of marketing in general and how it uniquely applies – at one point she brings up how she can’t think of another career that has the same marketing challenges as family photographers, and one of the reasons for that is privacy.

marketing for family photographers, privacy and social media

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A few topics we touch on:

• Predictions about the future of marketing with client images
• How AI plays a role in safety concerns
• The shift with clients requesting privacy on social media
• Naming your own values and boundaries around sharing personal work and your own family online as part of your marketing
• Managing consent and client expectations or request for privacy
• Safety tips for respecting our clients and kids 
• Ideas for sharing personal work if social media isn’t something you want to engage in at all
• Defining your personal and brand voice with authenticity 
• The power of education to accelerate your growth


Blog post – “Do I need instagram for my photography business?” 

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Pew Research Article on privacy
SAS survey
Enzuzo article on privacy statistics

Connect with Morgan

Morgan is a mom to two, a marketing professor, and a lifestyle family photographer based in sunny San Diego, CA. She studied art and photography in college but didn’t pick up a camera again until she was pregnant with her first child and has now been in business for four years. She is fascinated by the complexity of the parenthood journey and seeks to capture it in a way that feels both beautiful and authentic.

• Website: https://www.morganmilesstudio.com
• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morganmilesstudio/

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