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What to wear for fresh 48 photos

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Scheduling fresh 48 photos can be exciting and intimidating – after all, you have no idea how you’ll be feeling after the intense labor-zone. Maybe the idea of deciding what to wear for fresh 48 photos, dressing up, and being photographed in this stage feels like a hard pass.

But the good news is, despite all you may see on Pinterest of fresh 48 photos with glammed mamas in their “casual” robes and everyone else looking perfectly coordinated, brushed, and cleaned… it doesn’t actually have to be that way to be beautiful and special.

My daughter wore her dress-up doctor coat to our fresh 48 session for our first son and it was perfect.

Permission granted.

Still, you’d probably like a little guidance on what to wear for fresh 48 photos that is comfortable, casual, and functional beyond the 1-hour hospital session.

Check out these ideas for what to wear for fresh 48 photos that you’ll also wear again and again post-partum! (hint, they’re not all floral robes! what?!)

1. Madewell Night Stars Satin Pajama pants and top

This isn’t even technically categorized as “maternity” or “postpartum” but with the loose fit, button-down access for nursing, and silky soft material, it will be a staple for your wardrobe. The neutral color will photograph beautifully in a busier hospital room and

2. Milk and baby Fawn Everything Dress

This has a genius hidden zipper under those buttons to make it a functional postpartum piece for lounging or dressing up to wear around comfortably. I also appreciate that it’s long enough to wear to feel comfortable and covered in your newly post-delivery body. Pants aren’t always the easiest with all the mesh underwear and padding you’re competing with, but robes can be a little too easy-access for flinging open (especially when there’s little siblings involved!). This is a perfect happy medium for what to wear in your fresh 48 session.

3. Clea Bamboo Classic Long Sleeve Pajama Set

The premium, temperature-regulating bamboo fabric in this set will be comfy and cozy for fall and winter mamas, especially. It’s loose fitting and comes in pretty, warm tones.

4. H&M Satin Pajama Set

A classic, easy, go-to set that will function for as a great option to wear in your fresh 48 photos and beyond. This is a really budget-friendly option in neutral tones and comfy fabric that’s both beautiful and understated.

5. KyteBaby Women’s Lounge Robe in Oat

A robe! I did it, I even included a robe.

This one is made from buttery-soft bamboo and would make a great choice for your fresh 48 photos, but also, like, every other day after. For your session, I recommend a nursing tank and/or some shorts or leggings underneath!

What about everyone else?

You may be wondering what dad, baby, or siblings should wear for fresh 48 photos, too. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be complicated. A lot of the basic guidelines I include in my client style guide can be applied here, but also, it’s a much more raw environment and situation, so I it’s okay to relax the “rules.”

After all, the whole appeal of a fresh 48 session is the rawness of it. Plan, style, or fabricate it too much and it loses a part of that sentiment.

When deciding what your baby should wear for a fresh 48 session, just know that a naked or swaddled baby is absolutely wonderful.

Not only is it natural and genuine for the setting, it and allows your photographer the flexibility of capturing all the sweet details of that tiny skin and fingers and toes. If you can’t resist a cute outfit, choose a solid onesie or a simple gown. Remember, babies can come in all shapes and sizes, so pack a couple of options to make sure you have something that fits well!

Otherwise, try to avoid bright neon colors or large logos on the rest of the fam. Solids or simple patterns, warm colors and textures always photograph well.

I hope this simplifies your search for what to wear for your fresh 48 photos and takes the pressure off for that perfectly curated look.

After all, you can totally look and feel beautiful in the right pair of pajamas, even within 48 hours of delivery.

You are a rockstar, mama!

new mom and dad holding baby during fresh 48 session in charlottesville va

Are you expecting?

Reach out to chat about fresh 48 and newborn photos in Charlottesville that are as simple as they are lovely and heartwarming. I can’t wait to celebrate you and your growing family!

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